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  Internet Marketing is one of most inexpensive and effective ways to promote your business.
   Challenge:   We need more sales leads from our website.
   Challenge:   Our team has a great site but needs more traffic.
   Challenge:   We have a mediocre website with little traffic.
Our services and solutions can solve these challenges and other site issues.
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Brand Development

  We will help you with developing or redeveloping your brand name(s) and logos, especially in correlation to you web site.
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Generate Online Sales Leads

  Our team can help you boost sales leads through your website. First by increasing the visitors to your site, second by making your website more appealing, thirdly by developing programs to receive and process lead information effectively.
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  Our experts establish high quality inbound (incoming) links on other websites to your website.
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Pay Per Click Advertising

  The team can setup and manage a pay per click (PPC) Advertising campaign for you. A pay per click advertising campaign is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites where you would pay the host a fee only when your advertisement was clicked and a visitor was directed to your web site.
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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

  The Internet Beacon uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the quality and volume of traffic to your website from search engines.

Our first step is keyword research for your products or services. Following, our team will conduct an audit and analysis of your internet site, review any existing Internet Marketing plans, develop a customized Internet marketing strategy, conduct website optimization (SEO) to meet your Internet marketing goals, and offer weekly reports showing your web site´s improved search engine rank and traffic.
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Social Media Marketing

  Our firm uses social media marketing to promote your company and website using social media sites and online communities for additional marketing, public relations, and customer service. For example cross-referencing your website and company on social media platforms such as blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, and  Social media marketing also gives fans of your company a forum to comment about your company.
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  We offer business class managed webhosting on our servers for an affordable rate.
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Website Analytics

  The Internet Beacon uses website analytics to measure the performance of your website in a business context. The data is typically compared against performance indicators (a measure of performance) and used to improve your web site or Internet marketing campaign. We measure a visitor's journey once on your website to determine how they arrived and what percentage of visitors convert to customers; for example, which website landing page(s) encourage people to make a purchase or ask you for further information.
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Website Re-Design

  We can re-design your website to bring it up to date, to satisfy those things you have been wanting to do, update the look and feel of your web site, and make your web site search engine friendly. Further Information about Website Design.
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