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The Pros and Cons of Microsoft Office Mobile 2010

Friday, April 8th, 2011

In the past decade the development of mobile devices has dramatically advanced and has become a major trend for competing technology companies. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and Dell have spent years laying the groundwork for the latest mobile technologies and continue to impress us all with the progression of their products. Not only have these mobile devices gotten smaller and more portable, but they have also become more powerful and have come pretty close to matching the user experience of a desktop system. Today we rely on these devices for virtually everything from phone calls, texting, shopping, directions, weather, internet, email and more. It is clear that technology plays a powerful role in our life and continues to make our lives more efficient and easier.

Microsoft Mobile Office 2010

Microsoft Mobile Office 2010from 2011

Companies are not only creating new mobile devices but they have also begun to create mobile versions of their primary software applications. The Windows Phone 7 operating system created by Microsoft is doing just that with their integration of Microsoft Office Mobile. Microsoft Office Mobile is a perfect example of how companies are focusing in on the mobile experience and providing a user a similar experience to a desktop environment. While the majority of Windows devices come equipped with Office Mobile, anyone whose Windows phone did not come with Office Mobile pre-installed can purchase and download the software through the Microsoft mobile marketplace. In addition anyone who is using an older version of Office and has a Windows phone that is operating on Windows Mobile 6.5 and above can also upgrade to version 2010 for free.

Small businesses are always on the lookout for a new technology and tools to help them with their day to day operations. Most professional environments utilize Microsoft Office in one form or another whether it is Microsoft Outlook for their Email and scheduling or Microsoft Word for their text editing needs. Given its popularity and the uses of its many programs, Microsoft Office Mobile clearly illustrates the potential value that a mobile software companion can provide to a business and its employees.

The Windows Phone 7 mobile device not only has all of the basic functions of a phone but it also manages to incorporate some of the power of a desktop computer with a few minor exceptions. Microsoft Mobile Office 2010 was released to coincide with the release of Windows Phone 7 and is only available on devices running Windows Mobile 6.5 or later. With these mobile device users can now enjoy a valuable portable alternative to their most employed software applications. By having the Microsoft Office Mobile software installed on the Windows Phone 7, a user can access these programs as needed without being confined to an actual office or having to lug around a laptop. Programs included in the Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 bundle include Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote Mobile, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile.

It is understandable that working with a mobile device doesn’t always translate the same comfort and ease that it would from desktop or laptop computer. The mobile aspect does however provide the necessary convenience but it still does not quite live up to the user experience of the traditional MS Office software. Besides the slight trade off between convenience and usability it is evident that the Microsoft Office Mobile programs manage to capture the basic functions and operations of Microsoft Office. Provided below are some of the basic pros and cons associated with the mobile version of Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office Mobile PROS:

  • Supports touch gestures
  • Easy document sharing using SharePoint
  • Improved desktop syncing
  • Quick note taking with OneNote
  • New Text Reflow view looks good
  • PowerPoint Mobile can control a laptop presentation and display notes remotely via Bluetooth.
  • Incorporates the main and most essential word processor features
  • Free upgrade for anyone operating Windows mobile 6.5 and above with previous Microsoft office mobile software installed.

Microsoft Office Mobile CONS:

  • Small screen size
  • Device needs touch screen or stylus capabilities
  • Buttons are too small for fingers (needs stylus)
  • PowerPoint is view only, there is no creation allowed
  • Can’t drag and select text
  • Layout and look is not what we have come to expect compared to tradition Microsoft office

In conclusion the basic functions of Microsoft Office remain intact on the Mobile version but as expected the software does not encompass the full power that the traditional version offers. Nonetheless even lacking the usual user experience the mobile version can certainly prove to be an asset to any organization that uses Microsoft Office on a regular basis.

Check out more details and find out how Microsoft Office Mobile can help your business and employees at Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 and How to Buy Microsoft Office Mobile 2010!

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