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The Importance of Website Title Tags and Best Practices

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

One of the most important elements of a website is the title tag. A title tag is technically called a title element which is contained in the heading section of the website’s HTML code. A Title tag is required for all HTML/XHTML documents and defines the title for each web page. The title tag is considered the primary text description of an online document and besides the actual content it is regarded as the most important of all Search Engine Optimization factors.title tag

What Makes the Title Tag So Special?

Although every webpage is required to have a title tag most businesses neglect to optimize them. A company website isn’t complete without a fully optimized title tag. With an optimized title tag you can greatly increase the chances of customers coming to your website. Optimized title tags are extremely important for websites because they are visible in three distinct locations. These locations include the top of the browser window, the search engine results page (SERP), and the links from external websites.

Title tags draw a lot of attention to the top of the browser window. This position also enables a page visitor to know immediately where they are and if they are in the right place. Other websites and social media often use the title tag as the anchor text when linking to your site. When displayed on a search results page the title tag can also quickly grab the attention of a searcher and influence them to you visit your website. Since the title tag is a highly important search engine ranking factor it directly coordinates with what users are searching for and allows you to target a specific audience. Title tags also help target important keywords. This again helps with ranking better in search engines and finding potential customers. The title tag also appears when people bookmark your page and lets them know what your site is at a quick glance.

How Do You Optimize a Title Tag?

As you can see the benefits of having an effective title tag are tremendous. Most importantly an optimized title tag has the potential to attract valuable traffic to your website and business. The following are some of the best practices associated with creating title tags.

  • Optimal Formats:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

(Leverages your keywords, products or services)

Brand Name | Primary Keyword and Secondary Keyword

(Leverages your brand name and is recommended for bigger or more reputable companies)


  • Place important keywords closer to the front of the title tag.
  • Use less than 70 characters, otherwise the search results will show ellipsis – “…” to indicate that a title tag has been cut off.
  • Create a descriptive and relevant keyword-laden title tag. The title tag is thought to be the most important place to use keywords to achieve high rankings.
  • Create a compelling title that encourages users to visit your site while maintaining your relevance and integrity.

The title tag is hands down one of the most important elements of a website other than its content. In order for a business to take full advantage of the opportunity that the title tag provides they must fully optimize it for their website and keywords. By following the best practices that were outlined in this article a website can be well on their way to gaining more relevant traffic and a higher conversion rate.


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