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5 Great Small Business Gadgets that Help Promote Productivity

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and promote productivity. Whether it is through the implementation of new processes or using new and exciting gadgets, the main goals of a business are to find a way to maximize effort, limit costs, and achieve a higher return on their investment (ROI). business productivity

Technology has changed the way many businesses go about their day to day tasks for the better. Not only is technology changing the approach of small businesses but it is making it easier by opening the door to many new opportunities. Taking a look at all the technological gadgets released over the past couple years we have compiled a short list of tools that could potentially benefit a small business.

Advancement is necessary for any business to survive in today’s work environment and remaining stationary for too long will only ensure that they will fall behind their competition. It is best to stay informed with the latest tools and techniques and continually work towards being able to incorporate them in the business to remain productive. Although smart phones and tablet PC’s can be very beneficial we decided to avoid mentioning any on our list of gadgets and tried to focus on gadgets that compliment devices already found in most workplaces. Take a look below at some of the tools we think can boost a company’s performance and see which ones you could benefit from.

iGo Portable Projector:

The iGo Portable Projector is a great tool whether you have to give a presentation to a client, supervisor, or even an in-house team. This projector is pocket sized, making it ideal for an offsite presentation. It works with input A/V, HDMI, USB, and has a 70” display that can be projected on any flat surface. Regular projectors can sell for anywhere between $400 upwards to $2,000 and do not offer the same portability of the iGO Projector. Offered at $299, the iGo Portable Projector is a great way for a business to save money while still being able to keep up with the competition and perform flawless presentations.

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner:

The Magic Wand Portable Scanner is just one of the many portable scanners available today and is another great portable resource for small businesses. The portable option allows individuals to scan documents in almost every environment. The Magic Wand scanner has been around for some time now, however coming in June 2011 they plan to release a model that will be able to transfer scans via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth model will allow scans to be sent to a computer or wireless printer. Currently their models only save the scans using a MicroSD card and needs a user to access the provided software in order to interface with the scans.  This tool is a great way to conserve paper resources and is available for $99. (No price is currently set for Bluetooth model coming in June)

Belkin In-Desk USB Hub:

Ever run out of USB ports and find yourself unplugging important devices, the In-Desk USB Hub adds four additional USB ports to a user’s computer. Most computers now come equipped with plenty of USB ports however some businesses still have employees that are working with older computer models. Whether it’s because the computer only came with limited ports or if you already have a lot of devices plugged in, the Belkin USB hub adds room for additional resources. The USB Hub fits into the 3” round opening that most desks come equipped which reduces the clutter on your desk while still allowing your computer cords to pass through.

HP PhotoSmart eStation:

The HP PhotoSmart eStation Printer is taking printers to a whole new level. This device offers full web browsing through a detachable 7” handheld monitor that can act as a printer remote or a stand alone portable companion. This great tool incorporates high performance printing, scanning, and copying as well as faxing without a phone line. This unit is completely wireless, conserves less energy and resources through double side printing, and allows web printing without accessing your computer. The eStation offers a unique tablet PC experience plus all of the printing capability at about $299.

DYMO Label and Postage Printer:

With the LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Dual Roll Label and Postage Printer you can print up to 71 labels per minute and it a great option for any business that has to do a lot of mailing. The software service used for the postage printer is provided by Endicia which is a licensed USPS Postage provider. This gadget is a great way to save time as well as money for ink and toner.

These are just some of the many devices out there that can potentially greatly benefit your company. Some of the other devices we considered were the APC SmartUPS Uninterruptable Power Supply, Staples 15-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder, Xerox Business Card Scanner, Square Mobile Credit Card Reader, and the Logitech Webcam C905.

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