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QR Codes: 10 Creative Ways to Market Your Company with QR Codes

August 18, 2011 by

Lately More and more companies have begun to use Quick Response code or QR codes to promote their products and services. You may have noticed that recently some of your favorite companies are now displaying these 2-D barcodes on some of their products or advertisements. These two-dimensional icons are known as QR codes and can be scanned by smartphone cameras to automatically pull up text, photos, videos, music, URLs, and even make phone calls or send emails. This form of brand marketing is now on the rise and is providing businesses with many new, creative, and effective marketing opportunities.

Internet beacon QR code QR Code

Quick Response codes are still fairly new and because they are just getting started in the United States many people are still unaware of what they can do or how they work. Most of the Businesses that utilize Quick Response Coded promotional material also provide directions for first time users on how to use them. To produce the codes a company must use an online QR code generator and in order for the customer to access the information contained in the code they need to have a mobile QR scanner. Some of the popular QR generators include Kaywa Code Generator, iCandy, StickyBits, QR-Stuff, plus many other Mobile Barcode generators. Customers can download their free QR scanner from their smart phone app store.

According to a recent comScore Survey 14 million mobile users in the US have scanned a Quick Response Code but that’s only 6.2% of all mobile users. 60.5% of the code scanners were men that were mostly between ages 18-34 and had an income of over $100k. Around half of the participants said that they scanned the QR codes from a magazine or newspaper and roughly 35% scanned from product packaging. As consumer awareness for QR codes increases the number of uses for the codes also expands. The following are 10 creative places Quick Response Codes can be used to promote your business.


  • Business Cards:

Business cards can only contain a small portion of information without looking too cluttered, with a QR code placed on your business card the contacts you meet can quickly access your all of your information and even store it on their mobile device. Business cards can accumulate and are often ignored which is why having the QR code automatically call or store the contact information will increase the chance of the new contact retaining your correct information.

  • Mail advertisements or Postcards:

With mail advertisements or postcards your potential customers may be more inclined to check out your business. Most of the time people carry their mobile device on them and because it only takes a couple of seconds to scan and access your content the QR advertisements could prove to be very valuable. The majority of people discard mail newsletters but a QR code may peak their interest enough to discover more information.

  • Magazine and Newspaper ads:

Magazine and newspaper ads also provide great space for Quick Response Code placement. Readers or skimmers will be able to see your advertisement and quickly acquire more details through the QR code. Sometimes readers don’t always own the newspaper or magazine that they see your advertisement in and having a QR code available would be a great way for readers to hold on to information. For example, the waiting room at a doctor’s or dentist office may have a magazine with an interesting business advertising that you want to learn more about. A Quick Response Code would enable you to scan, access, and store that information for later whether it is a phone number, website, or one of the many other possible uses of a QR code.

  • Coupons or Receipts:

If you already run coupons in the newspaper you can add a QR code that provides users with more information such as store locations, directions, and additional promotions. Quick Response Codes can also be used to gain customer feedback. Companies can place a code on their customer receipts that provides their phone number and website or be used as a way to acquire customer feedback. For example the receipt code can offer a future discount in exchange for a few moments of the customer’s time.

  • Store Displays:

Having a store display with a Quick Response code on it can allow a customer to access more information and reviews about a specific product. In addition QR codes can also be displayed in a window or on a company door for the people passing by. These codes can be especially helpful with providing store information during the hours that the business is closed.

  • Product Packaging:

QR codes on product packaging are also a good way to reach new and existing customers. Customers who purchased the product can easily learn more about it, send feedback, or call customer service. Quick Response Codes can be extremely useful for food delivery services, for example Papa John’s includes QR codes on their pizza boxes so customers can easily visit their website, place an order, and leave reviews.

  • Stickers, magnets and Commercials:

Stickers and magnets with your QR code can be placed anywhere you or your customers wish to stick them. Again food delivery services can greatly benefit from this because users can quickly scan their fridge magnet when they want to place an order. Television commercials and YouTube videos can also be used to showcase your company’s Quick Response Code. At the end of the video you can use this code to direct people to your company website or initiate a phone call.

  • At your Business:

Having QR codes located in or around your business will allow your customers to do a location login. The codes can be used to log into Facebook locations or Foursquare so people can tell their friends where they are and what they are doing.

  • T-Shirts:

Some companies have even begun to include Quick Response codes on clothing. Placing these codes on clothing is an interesting way to have the public and company employees perform their advertising.

  • Email and Websites:

Although Quick Response Codes are usually used to direct users to a website including them on a website or email isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Placing the code on an email or website can allow users to quickly and effortlessly call your company, follow you on a social media site, and get directions sent to their mobile device. QR codes on a website can also be useful for users who want to continue viewing the information after they leave their computer.


Visit the link to learn Additional locations for Quick Response Codes

These are only some of the many different uses for QR codes and Even though it might be a while before Quick Response Codes are fully integrated into our advertising it is always better to be ahead of the trend than it is to be behind your competition. Quick Response codes can be used to increase sales, increase incoming calls, build a subscribers list, advertise promotions, get more Facebook likes, get more Twitter Follows, and connect and engage your existing or potential customers. QR codes seem to only offer more company and product exposure, so what do you have to lose? Start creating QR codes today and see all the ways this new promotional tool can help your business!

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