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Three Signs Your IT Department Is Doing Their Job Well

November 19, 2010 by

tech support personHello and welcome to Chesapeake Digital Technology´s blog. We’re an information technology firm in Maryland. We provide two primary services, Internet Marketing / SEOand Technical Support for business.

Do you have an Information Technology (IT) department? Sure you do. You’re a medium sized company and with all the demand for technology in the workplace, you need someone to manage it. Well, the hardworking IT people in your office are often the unsung heroes, so here are some signs for you, the management, that IT is doing their job well.

Security Alerts

Your IT department is on top of the latest threats to the company network. As professionals, they stay up to date on all security measures, thus ensuring your company is kept safe from harm. They might simply send out an email cautioning users, but often times, they will take care of problems without even bothering you. Make sure to pay attention if, and when, they contact you about a problem.

Calls About Minor Issues

Everyone’s going to have minor problems when using a company network. Either passwords are getting forgotten/changed, someone can’t access a network share, or whatever it is, IT is there to help. The fact that they spend time troubleshooting these little tasks means that they network infrastructure they have in place is working. Small problems are to be expected.

Smooth Network Operations

Aside from the aforementioned troubles, think about your network. Do you have any trouble getting around on it? Can you access the data required for your job? Questions like these are important to IT. You see, the more planning and preparation that goes into the network at the start smoother network operations and fewer complaints.




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