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Small Business Website Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

November 17, 2011 by Dustin

Directing traffic to your website is only the first part of increasing your online sales. In the past we have often discussed the various methods for targeting your potential customers but what happens when they are actually on your website. Do your visitors follow through with a purchase or do your leads tend fizzle out? With this question in mind we offer the following suggestions to increase the likelihood of a sale once your customers are able find you on the Web. Increasing Website Sales

Ease Your Customer’s Fear:

With most transactions there are associated risks. It is very important to address these risks because they may immediately deter your potential customers. Having a secure website, a customer privacy policy, and offering a money back guarantee is just a few ways that you can put your customer’s fears to rest.

Create Value and Offer Incentives:

One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows people to easily explore their… Read more

Dealing with Distractions and Staying Focused at Work

November 10, 2011 by Dustin

dealing with workplace distractions

Distraction can be a major obstacle for most people in the work environment. Filtering out the noise and staying focused on your daily tasks is often much easier said than done. Our daily routines, electronic devices, and environment all have the potential to stand in the way of us completing crucial assignments. The average distraction takes a person anywhere from 2-15 minutes to recover from once the distraction is actually removed. In order to overcome these distractions and conserve your precious work time you should try to incorporate some of the following suggestions into your work habits. For the purpose of this article the daily distractions that we encounter have been broken down into three categories mental, physical, and environmental.

Dealing with Mental Distractions:

Have a Firm Stance-

Dealing with and overcoming distractions is no easy task which is why it is important for you to stand your ground. Know that your time crucial, understand that what you are working on is important, and recognize that it needs to get done.

Stop Procrastinating-

It is important… Read more

Tips for Cold Calling Your Prospective Customers

November 3, 2011 by Dustin

Are your phone lines ringing off the hook with potential clients or are you with the majority of small businesses who have suffered a decline in customer activity? You have a business, you offer a product or a service, and you have a business goal but now what?

Rarely do customers seek out a business unless they are familiar with its background and brand reputation. If you need the customers, it is up to you to find them. It is your responsibility to target your audience and capture the attention of prospective customers. Advertising and marketing play a vital role in making your business appeal to a specific audience. Lately social media has provided companies with a tremendous, free, and effective marketing tool, however social networking sites are not the only tools available. There are plenty of offline marketing techniques, one of which is Cold Calling. Although cold calling doesn’t have the best reputation, if done correctly it can be a valuable sales tactic for your business.

Cold calling is the marketing technique of reaching out to possible… Read more

Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Online Business

October 27, 2011 by Dustin

With marketing today it is absolutely necessary for a business to develop a strong advertising plan and utilize a diverse set of marketing strategies.  In most cases, businesses tend to spend much more on the their company advertisement or the promotion of their products than the actual cost of production. In the past we have emphasized the different ways to market your company online however you should also keep in mind the opportunities that offline advertising has to offer. Marketing Word Cloud

The basic principle behind promoting your business is to express and convey the company’s goals, products, or ideas to the targeted audience. Businesses use marketing methods in order to maximize their brand recognition and customer awareness. With today’s technology it is fairly simple to market your business online with email, blogs, and social media sites. However, a well-designed marketing campaign should actually incorporate both online and offline promotional strategies. Due to the intense focus that has recently been directed to online marketing, some companies may have lost focus and have possibly missed out on attracting offline consumers. The following is… Read more

Using a Facebook Fan/Like Gate to Attract and Retain Customers

October 21, 2011 by Dustin
Facebook's Like Icon

Facebook’s Like Icon

Could your business benefit from utilizing a Facebook “Like-Gate”? A year ago most people were unfamiliar with the term Like Gate and those who were familiar with it probably where critics. The primary reason for why this technique first caused controversy was because it basically begs and bribes someone to like your Facebook page. Additionally this technique also faced criticism because it only ensures the initial “like” and doesn’t necessarily generate loyal customers. Nonetheless it seems to have now become one of the more common practices for businesses on Facebook. The concept behind a fan/like gate is to offer exclusive content to your Facebook visitors once they have “Liked” your page.

Benefits of a having a “Like-Gate”:

The main benefit of utilizing a “like-gate” on your business’s Facebook page is that it helps attract new visitors and gains your company page more fans. The fans that you acquire using this method can also later turn into valuable customers. A “Reveal-Gate” can also help with increasing your brand awareness and gives you the opportunity to… Read more

Tips for Your Blog and Sources for Generating More Blog Topics

October 14, 2011 by Dustin

There are some days when you can sit down at your computer and immediately come up with a topic to write a blog post on, but then there are the other days when you’re just stuck. One of the hardest things about blog writing is maintaining a steady influx of topics to write about. Constantly generating blog topics can be a huge challenge. We created this blog post to provide other blog writers with tips and resources so that they never run out of topics to talk about. Sources for blog topics

The best topics to write about are the ones that the writer is passionate or knowledgeable about. Generally, topics that generate discussions or friendly debates can the most significant impact on the audience. Additionally, topics where your enthusiasm can be felt by the audience will spark the best interest and reactions from your readers. When writing a blog you should always remain focused on your audience as well as the purpose of the article. Your blog posts should have an appropriate tone and be consistent with the rest of your blog. Furthermore, be persistent with your blog entries and… Read more

Digital Housekeeping – Tips to Deal with the Digital Clutter

October 7, 2011 by Dustin

Small businesses can often be overwhelmed with the amount of digital information that they have to retain for their business to operate correctly. Over time, the buildup of work documents, project files, client proposals, and employee information can often get out of hand. Which is why a few weeks back we wrote an article called “Organizing Your Office Equipment and Improving Your Work Environment”. This article proposed several solutions to maintain a file organization system for small businesses. However in the article we neglected to mention how digital data clutter can be just as hard on the stresses of our everyday job tasks. This is why to keep your office running proficiently it is important to perform routine digital housekeeping.
computer recycling
Digital housekeeping is the sorting, organizing, and discarding of old or unused electronic data. There are many elements to this type of cleaning. Although easy to do tasks like emptying your computers recycling bin are a good start there are many more layers that are often overlooked. Digital housekeeping isn’t only meant for your computer, it also covers… Read more



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